Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance Cyprus Under EU law all vehicles driving in member states should have third party liability insurance as minimum. It is mandatory for a vehicle owner have insurance against personal injury and material damage caused by their vehicle.

Residents Insurance

Residents Health Insurance If you are working in Cyprus, you are covered by Cyprus social insurance. Pensioners from EU country also entitled to the Cyprus Social Insurance cover. All other residents should have private health insurance.

Property Insurance

Cyprus Property Insurance Customers should always be focused on the idea that on the market are multiple forms of estate insurance that require investigations - either relocating to Cyprus, or any other country.

Private Insurance

Private Health Insurance In Cyprus If you are not covered by the Cyprus social security system, you should have private health insurance. Even if you are covered, it is good idea to do so; most of the Cypriots and foreign residents have private health insurance, which offers a wider choice of medical practitioners and hospitals.

Visitors Health Insurance

Visitors Health Insurance If you are coming for a short period which is normally less than ninety days you should apply for travel insurance. Although you may be covered by a reciprocal agreement between your home country and Cyprus, so you should check if this is providing sufficient cover.