Under EU law all vehicles driving in member states should have third party liability insurance as a minimum. It is mandatory for a vehicle owner to have insurance against personal injury and material damage caused by their vehicle. This covers all the passengers in the vehicle including family members.

All European countries and some others are participants of the Green Card System (International Motor Insurance Certificate). The Green Card or the insurance certificate issued by the insurer constitutes is proving third party insurance. An insurance policy may be enlarged and include insurance against fire, theft, special assistance and more.

There are two basic types of policy accessible in Cyprus: third party and comprehensive. Third party covers the driver’s liability to his passengers and other people affected by an accident. Third party insurance is the minimum required cover under Cypriot law to ensure that reimbursement will be paid to victims of an incident.

Comprehensive insurance usually is more expensive and it also covers the driver's damages and compensation whether they are responsible or not.

Car Accidents

Whether you have an accident with another vehicle you should take the other driver's details at the scene, name, address and insurance details as well as the make, model and colour of the vehicle. You should c also all for medical assistance if there are injuries and contact the insurance company as they may assist with potential costs and claims.