If you are not covered by the Cyprus social security system, you should have private health insurance.

Even if you are covered, it is good idea to do so; most of the Cypriots and foreign residents have private health insurance, which offers a wider choice of medical practitioners and hospitals. These people don’t depend on public health lists; they are free to choose any clinic they want. If you already have private health insurance in the country you came from, you may be possible to extend it to cover you in Cyprus.

In order to buy private health insurance you should choose a company that will pay large medical bills directly. Most of the private health insurance policies don’t cover family doctors’ fees, medication that isn’t provided in a hospital and charge an excess which often exceeds the cost of treatment. However some of them pay 100 percent on specialist fees and hospital treatment. There’s a wide range of Cypriot and international insurance companies offering policies due to the fact that the insurance market in Cyprus is strongly competitive and sophisticated.

It’s not possible to give comprehensive price information, as premiums and conditions are continuously changing in this highly competitive market. Due to the huge variety of cover, it is necessary to research the market thoroughly before you decide on a policy. Normally the choice you are going to have regarding doctors, specialists and hospitals depends on the level of the premium. An annual extra fee increasing with the age may be charged for people above 60; also, extra fees will be applied for specific services like for pregnancies or basic dental treatments.You may be able to acquire a discount if you accept a larger excess charge.